December 5, 2013

Grover is on the Nice List.

I've been telling people for weeks that Grover likes to eat people and will eventually conquer World Domination in the hopes that no one will want to adopt him and then we can keep him aaaaall for ourselves, but the following picture pretty much ruined everything.

Grover had the immense pleasure of meeting Santa for the first time this past weekend, and for a dude who likes to bark at strangers, he was cuddling with the jolly old man in no time. I think by the end of it they were even trading tips on how to keep their beards looking spiffy. I'm not sure though as I wasn't privvy to the Bearded Club conversations.  

We have visited many a Hopeful Hearts Santa and I have to say, this one is my absolute favorite. I wanted to bring him home and sit him in a chair by the fireplace and feed him cookies and milk all throughout December, but Randie wouldn't let me. Apparently Santa has prior engagements - something about flying through the air with reindeer. Whatevs. #grinch


  1. I agree Mel! I was looking at the album of all the Santa pics and the expressions on both Santa and the dogs are absolutely priceless! Grover's pic is pretty perfect, too adorable.

  2. What a cracker photo Mel..... first time I took Rubie to see Santa she was terrified - and I've not been brave enough to do it again! Grover sure knows how to secure his Xmas wish list!!!


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