November 26, 2013

If you ever lose your dog, you might hope that it would happen in Ottawa.

I promise to have a Grover update soon! Life has been pretty crazy the way life sometimes is, but Grover has been doing a lot of poking and prodding these last two weeks and there have been many hairy eyeballs from him because I haven't talked about his awesomeness in the past couple of weeks. Soon!

There have been a handful of lost dogs in Ottawa in this month and it's been heartwarming, to say the least, the way dog lovers in this city have come together to search for these missing furry beings.

Bobby the Hopeful Hearts foster dog went missing in Almonte on Tuesday November 5th. He had been with the same foster parents for a couple of months but went on an adoption trial with a new family in Almonte on the Sunday. It appears as though the change frightened him and while on a walk, he managed to get out of his harness and hightailed it outta there, probably wanting to find his foster parents. His foster mom drove out to Almonte daily from Orleans and spent all day long searching for him.

A week later, strangers from all around Ottawa and surrounding towns began making the trek to Almonte to aid in the search for Bobby. Some stayed by the live traps over night and kept watch, some left food for Bobby, and others went door to door handing out flyers. The folks who were unable to make it out to Almonte were online sharing Bobby's lost poster far and wide, while others were sharing updates on the Finding Bobby in Almonte! Facebook page to keep everyone in the loop. The way everything was organized would have put any CSIS operation to shame. Ottawa folks love their dogs, what can we say?

After 20 days of being on the lam, Bobby was finally captured Monday morning when he wandered into the live trap for some noms that were left for him. Hallelujah. His foster parents were the ones who found him, and while most of us probably would have rushed to open the door to embrace our found loved one, they did something incredibly smart: they carried the live trap to their vehicle and only opened the door once they arrived safely at the vet. Genius. Bobby was dazed and confused and likely would have run off again if given the chance.

Despite some minor frostbite, a few burrs and some cuts, Bobby is doing well. His foster parents provided the masses with several pictures of him snoozing throughout the day, including this little gem:

And if the news of finding Bobby isn't enough to make you grin from ear to ear, it gets better. His foster parents have decided that Bobby is home and ain't going anywhere. Yep, they are adopting this little traveling spaniel. Ah-mazing.

While the celebrations continue, efforts are being directed now to two more lost dogs in Ottawa -- Zoey the lost husky mix in the west end and Hugo the lost lab/boxer mix in the east end.

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Zoey is a rescue dog who was visiting from PEI with her human mom when she escaped while out for a walk on Monday November 18th. She's been spending her time hanging out in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency property between Woodroffe/Cedarview/Hunt Club/Fallowfield. A Zoey map has been created here. It's a huge area but given that this is only a few short blocks away from my home, we've been out looking as well. Zoey was last spotted yesterday and people say she looks well. She's likely having a ton of fun chasing deer while the humans are sitting on the edge of their seats.

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The most troublesome one is Hugo, though. He's a foster dog with Genesis Dog Rescue and went missing on Sunday November 24th in the Strathaven/Ogilvie area. There have been absolutely no sightings of him which is pretty bizarre for a dog lost in the city. At least with Bobby and Zoey people knew where to look, but Hugo could be anywhere. Hopefully, due to the lack of sightings, this means that someone has taken him in from the cold and is caring for him.

Fingers and toes and every other appendage is crossed that these two find their way home soon. In the meantime, the support that these dogs and their humans have received from complete and utter strangers has made my heart swell. I've never been prouder of this crazy city I call home.

Pssst: Hugo has been found! He was picked up on Navan Road on November 27th. He's already been to the vet, no frost bite, and very little damage to his back paws but his front paws are quite raw after all his travels. The vet said he's in good shape overall but warned Hugo that it would not be wise to try this stunt again.

Pssst #2:  Zoey has also been found! You can read about it here.

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  1. I agree. There's a huge solidarity between dog people in Ottawa.

    Wow I didn't realize Bobby was missing for almost 3 weeks!! And looking for his foster people :( Well, all is good now. And I couldn't be happier for them for adopting him.


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