November 11, 2013

Grover's smile brings all the girls to the yard.

There are few things worse than foul doggy breath and Grover had that in spades thanks to a mouth full of yucky teeth. Think coffee mixed with stale cigarettes and add a dead rodent to that sweet, sweet mix and that was Grover's breath. (I wonder what Patrick Wiercioch thought when Grover gave him kisses.....)

Because Hopeful Hearts is awesome and doesn't spare any expense, we had that all fixed up on Friday when Grover went in for dental surgery. Randie picked up Grover after work (there was much nubbin rejoicing) and a slightly wobbly (and very hungry) Grover walked through the door with 13 less teeth.

Silly me thought that he would just need a cleaning since, from the outside, his teeth didn't appear to be that bad. Thankfully I'm not a vet, and as you can see, his mouth was in pretty rough shape.

Grover is on pain medication until Monday and antibiotics for the next ten days, but he doesn't seem at all phased by the loss of his teeth. On the other hand, I was a mess when I had two wisdom teeth pulled! He's on wet food for the next little while until he's fully healed but once he goes back to his kibble I don't imagine that he'll have any issues with that either. Dude loves his food as much as I love my Starbucks hot chocolate.

And let me tell you, Grover kisses have never been sweeter.

Pssst - Hopeful Hearts' foster dog Bobby has gone missing in the Almonte area. Please share this poster and if you spot him, call the numbers on the bottom.

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  1. Anna Maddix11/13/2013

    GROVER!!! *MUAH*

    Really hoping Bobby is caught soon :(


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