February 14, 2013

Be a furry valentine.

According to the internets, the average person spends $126.00 for Valentine's Day.

Wait, what? Back up a second.

You mean to tell me that people spend that much money for flowers and chocolate on a made up holiday? That's ludicrous!

Now before you go throwing fifty dollar truffles at me, let me explain.

While I think the idea behind Valentine's Day is lovely (who doesn't want to celebrate love?), the fact that men and women feel like they have to spend boatloads of money in order to show their love and appreciation for one another is what I can't get on board with. Either your significant other knows that you love them, or they don't. And if they don't? Well, no amount of ooey gooey chocolate is gonna fix that.

My suggestion for this Valentine's Day (and every other) is simple:

Grab your significant other and go be a valentine for a furry animal in need. Help out at a shelter, walk some dogs, or clean some cages. That will show more love than any box of chocolate or overpriced bouquet of flowers ever will.

And if you really feel like your money is burning a hole in your wallet and you simply must spend it - $126.00 goes a long way for an animal shelter or rescue. Believe it or not, that can cover the cost of a spay/neuter and then some. Stop by any Global Pet Foods and show those furry beasts your heart.

Just some food for thought.

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  1. While we had the most extravagant Valentine's Day ever (it was because we both had the day off and then time so we bought a much needed new human bed) you did inspire me to go online and donate!


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