January 2, 2013

New years resolutions.

Most people think new years resolutions are hogwash -- and I was one of those people until I decided to give it a try this year, just this once. Being a very wise lady, Coco has decided to join in and share her own resolutions:

  1. get more beauty sleep
  2. no more taking kleenex and paper towel out of the garbage can and shredding it 
  3. finish eating breakfast & dinner before wookie so i can lick halladay's bowl 
  4. stop running away from wookie when he wants to play 
  5. let foster mom put sweaters and boots on me when it's really cold outside
  6. find my forever home

Did you make any new years resolutions?


  1. Those are all great resolutions Coco. Of all of them, we hope #6 comes true soon. You are very cute and deserve a loving forever home!

    Lee and Phod

  2. no, we did not. we are honest with ourselves that we are mischievious pups, bol! but after reading your list, we think we could successfully fulfill resolution number 1. happy new year!

    yuki and rocket

  3. Anonymous1/08/2013

    Hi, I'm seriously considering adopting Coco. Can you please ask Hopeful Hearts to email me at xoxomusicgirl@hotmail.com ? I've emailed them but unfortunately haven't heard anything back. She's a lovely dog.


    1. Hi Dana, ignore my previous comment. I don't seem to have anything sent to me from HH's adoption coordinator. I'll email you right now!


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