December 12, 2012


Halladay watches from below

This is what Coco does when you pull out treats or her leash - she jumps up like a popcorn kernel. It's very possible she may have been one of those tasty morsels in a past life. Obviously we're teaching her not to do that, but in the meantime, I have to giggle inwardly. She's a furry Michael Jordan.


  1. Hi Mel, have been reading but no comments in a while. I fully support your decision to step-down and concentrate on your home fosters.... what a hard job and would wear out the best people, I think. I myself would find it very hard not to take a swing at those people who think it's OK to give up a furry family member because it became "inconvenient".

    But look at this little beauty - I'm so glad I don't live over there..... I'd be collecting Coco very quickly!!

    Rubies mum xxx

  2. White dogs can jump!

    Lee was like this when we first got her and now only if she is really excited will she do it!


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