December 3, 2012

No rest for the wicked.

Paws "R" Us is back at it again.

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Despite the fact that both Charlene and Nicole Labombard are prohibited from operating a commercial breeding facility for two years, Charlene Labombard has wasted no time since the June ruling and is selling puppies from her hell hole yet again. 

It just goes to show you that the law doesn't apply when you're in bed with the RCMP and other Powers That Be in Quebec.


I hope they know that we will never stop fighting.


  1. I wonder what poor "Bogey" got used to make these new puppies. And what poor mom is starting her breeding career. And, can anyone tell me, what justice was served by that court ruling! Full agreement with the S-H-A-M-E-F-U-L!

  2. Amazing. She has some nerve. She is such a low life. Lower than..she isn't even human. She has no soul, no heart, no intelligence...


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