December 11, 2012


Christmas definitely came early for me with the Sunday arrival of this 10 year old schnauzer/bichon mix. For the first time in a really long time, we have a foster with a tail!

Coco was surrendered to the SPCA because her family no longer had time for her. How a person can't find the time to care for a 10 year old dog is beyond me, but whatever. Coal in their stockings. When they dropped her off at the shelter they said she had a history of irregular seizures but was not on any medication for this. The SPCA reported that Coco hadn't had any seizures while with them for the 30+ days, and at the vet appointment Monday morning the vet didn't find anything of concern, so it's hard to say if there was any truth to the seizures.

The boys like her -- Wookie especially. He curled up to her on the couch shortly after she arrived, and he only ever does this with dogs he feels comfortable with. Halladay tried to play with her but Coco isn't ready for that, or she doesn't know how to play with other dogs. Toys on the other hand, absolutely.

Coco seems a little confused about what's going on and is quite frightened. If you approach her too quickly she will run away, however if you lie down and wait patiently she will curl up with you on the couch and fall asleep. Sunday night at bed time she wasn't quite ready to venture upstairs so I left her on the couch but when we woke up Monday morning we found Coco in our bedroom, nestled under a pile of clean laundry that I hadn't had the chance to put away have been too lazy to put away.

Everyone keeps telling me that Coco seems so wonderful and oh, she is going to get adopted very quickly. Truthfully, she needs some time and we won't be packing up her bags until well into the new year. The little muppet will have her very own stocking at Christmas and can stay as long as she likes.


  1. Bogey and mama12/11/2012

    Do I hear the little voice of adoption vs foster?! lol She is so pretty and tiny. Everytime you get an older foster I want them!

    1. I'd adopt them all if I could, but no, it's unlikely that we would adopt Coco. A third dog just isn't in the cards right now.

  2. Anna Maddix12/11/2012

    I recognize that location! Little Miss looks squishyhuggable :)

  3. I can't imagine a better place for her to spend the holidays! What a lucky girl and I am sure her forever home will be waiting in January!

    Why do they always love clean laundry?

    1. It's got to be the Downy Unstopables.


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